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Finding the mattress technology that’s perfect for you

Whether you’re looking for the pressure relief and support of gel memory foam, the classic conforming support of visco memory foam, the cool and hypoallergenic support of latex, or a more traditional innerspring system, Mattress Mart offers a wide variety for you to choose from. We take pride in having been Ohio’s leader in sleep technology for over thirty years.  


Gel Memory Foam

Gel-based mattresses are the height of mattress technology. Providing superior support and amazing pressure relief, these mattresses combine luxurious feels with head-to-toe body support. Gel memory foam mattresses also tend to offer a wider range of comfort levels than traditional memory foam. Benefits include: relieves pressure across the body, provides strong support from head to toe, allows for easier body transition across the mattress to make it easier to roll over and reposition, extremely durable, and offers reduced motion across the mattress.


A quality rest does not have to come with a big price tag. Our Hybrid mattresses ensures comfort for all. The combination of our exclusive Cool Cell foam and our body conforming encased coil system, provide you the ultimate, restorative sleep experience. Hybrid mattresses delivers in three key areas: a reduction in motion disturbance, proper spinal alignment and superior comfort. The encased coil construction limits motion between you and your partner helping you stay asleep. Utilizing the latest in foam technology, Cool Cell ensures long-lasting comfort and an optimal sleeping temperature surface.


Latex is designed to give natural body support and superb pressure relief. Latex mattresses tend to sleep cooler than other sleep technologies. Natural latex beds are hypoallergenic, providing a healthier sleep environment. It is designed to keep the body higher up in the mattress, creating a “buoyant” effect that allows your body to lay correctly no matter what sleep position you choose.


Innerspring mattresses come in a variety of different styles. They can use traditional coils to provide support to the body, or they can be hybrids that mix advanced sleep technologies such as gel memory foam, latex, and memory foam. Mattress Mart offers a wide variety of innerspring mattresses so that you can find the perfect style for you no matter how you sleep.

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