About Us

Mattress Mart is the retail division of Midwest Quality Bedding, a new concept in mattresses that believes that customer service is not just a thing of the past. Midwest Quality Bedding (or MQB for short) is committed to delivering a quality sleep experience by combining high quality products with reasonable prices. Because we literally own the factory, we’re able to not only fulfill almost any custom order imaginable, we can also bring factory-direct pricing to even the world of organic mattresses.

There is a heavy stigma around the mattress industry. When people think of mattresses shopping, they often think of sleazy salesmen trying to weasel every penny out of them. Sadly, there is indeed a lot of that sort of thing in the industry. At MQB, we’ve taken a far different approach. We don’t want to sell a customer a bed, we want to educate the customer about sleep in general and what various mattresses have to offer and let the customer make an informed choice. After all, getting a healthier night’s sleep doesn’t stop at finding the right mattress.

Midwest Quality Bedding, Inc. purchased the Ohio-based Mattress Mart in 2011 as a part of seeing this vision come to fruition.

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