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All of the organic mattresses offered by Nature’s Calm are customizable, allowing you to create a sleep experience tailored to your own personal preferences.

The Nature’s Calm organic mattresses have unmatched support and luxurious comfort levels.  Let one of our Sleep Experts show you what you’re missing.

Experience the healthy rest that can only be gotten on an organic mattress.  All-natural wool and cotton combined with certified organic latex give you a healthy sleep experience.  The natural hypoallergenic qualities of organic latex means it’s healthier than other bedding technologies, and the support organic mattresses provide is unmatched. Organic mattresses also sleep cooler than other bedding technologies.

Nature’s Calm Organic Mattresses offers a wide line of organic latex mattresses to choose from.  Whether you like a firmer feel, a more luxurious pillowtop feel, or anything in between, you’ll find it here.


Do you want a healthier night’s sleep but you also want the feel of a traditional mattress? Try our line of green spring mattresses.


Get a better sleep on your existing mattress with our organic mattress toppers.


Find a healthier, more comfortable sleep with an adjustable base that works with your organic mattress to relieve pains and aches.


Just because you’re on a futon doesn’t mean that you can’t get a healthy sleep on an organic mattress.  Check out our organic futon mattresses.


At Nature’s Calm, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice support and comfort for a healthier night’s sleep.

Many organic mattresses are less than impressive.  They are made up of a couple of layers of latex and not much else, leading to a shorter-than-average mattress that doesn’t give optimal support and doesn’t hold up over time.  When you sleep on one of these organic mattresses, you’re giving up a lot to avoid harsh chemicals and fillers.

A Nature’s Calm organic mattress, on the other hand, is made from the finest organic latex paired with all-natural wools and cottons.  This creates a more comfortable and luxurious feel while also providing superb support all across your body.  Many of our organic mattresses take things a step further, using a 6” organic latex core to not only provide even more support and durability, but it also the mattress a taller profile.  No more sheets easily coming undone or having to crouch down to get into bed!

We all know the advantages of organic mattresses.  They’re healthier than standard mattresses because they don’t use often hazardous chemicals that sleep technologies like memory foam do. Organic latex is also hypoallergenic and extremely supportive.

Here’s the thing, though: all the added health benefits in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t sleep comfortably on the mattress.  Our organic mattresses are able to be customized based on your own unique comfort level preferences; we can even “split” a mattress so that one side is firm while the other side is soft.  No matter what comfort level you prefer, there’s a Nature’s Calm organic mattress perfect for you.

For assistance finding the organic mattress that’s right for you, call 1-855-586-1252 and speak to one of our sleep experts, or stop by the Tuttle Crossing location of Mattress Mart.

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