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Like a warm breeze on a tropical utopia, the Paradise Collection from Solstice Sleep Products endows dreamers with cushy indulgence. Superbly designed, the selections offer opulent comfort harmonized with resolute support.

Solstice Sleep Products has developed a selection of mattress sets to offer various combinations of support and comfort layers of visco memory foam to accommodate even the most discerning of preferences. As always, the highest quality standards are achieved while delivering optimum economic value.

The Halcyon 10” mattress from Solstice provides a soft and supportive memory foam sleep experience. The three inches of visco memory foam relieves pressure across the body while also allowing the mattress to conform to your unique body type to provide individualized support.

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The Maui 8” memory foam mattress from Solstice offers a supportive and pressure-relieving sleep with a traditional firm feel. The visco memory foam works to relieve pressure and promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. It is designed to conform to your unique body type.

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