It’s getting harder and harder to keep your body healthy.  Harmful chemicals are everywhere, and you encounter countless allergens every day.  Mattress Mart, in its continuing effort to offer the healthiest night’s sleep possible, offers a number of green and organic products designed to help you get a more natural sleep experience while sleeping healthier.  

Part of the Pure Rest mattress series, the Horizon Redefined combines all-natural latex with a traditional innerspring unit.

Made locally in Plain City, Nature’s Calm Organic Latex mattresses combine superior support with hypoallergenic cool-sleeping latex.

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 Horizon Redefined latex hybrid mattress

 Englander Gold latex hybrid mattress

Green mattresses combine eco-friendly foams with coil systems to create a more traditional feel.

Latex offers superior support while also reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used in the mattress.

 Organic latex mattresses

 Englander latex mattress series

The Organic Difference

Organic latex is made without the use of harmful chemicals, making it the healthiest sleep possible.  It is also hypoallergenic and sleeps cool.

 Organic Latex Mattresses

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