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The Bronze by Leggett & Platt is the entry-level adjustable base.  It features the ability to raise the head position of the mattress, allowing for healthier sleep positions than standard bases and foundations allow.  By adjusting the head of the mattress into a more upright position, it promotes a more open airway during sleep than would otherwise be possible.

• Wired hand control

• Head articulation

• Quiet night mechanism- extra quiet high power AC motor that supports up to 450 pounds

• Flexible configuration- can stand alone, be used with head/footboards, or dropped into standard bed frames

• Mobility- twin wheels with locking casters for easy mobility when needed

• Durable- Three mil powder coated steel construction with high density base and side rail foam

• In-Home Warranty- First year full service, second year parts only, twenty years limited



The Bronze adjustable base is available at the following Mattress Mart locations:

Tuttle Crossing




West Pointe Plaza

Adjustable beds have been proven to help with a long list of health-related issues. These issues include, but are not limited to, back pain, circulation, acid reflux, snoring, breathing, fibromyalgia, tension, and asthma.  Because the bed can adjust, it allows you to sleep in positions that aren’t possible in standard beds.  This can help to relieve pressure from your lower back and shoulders, all while keeping your airway open and relieving pressure from your lungs.

Adjustable beds make it much easier to read in bed than propping up pillows.  In many ways an adjustable bed can turn your mattress into the most comfortable chair you’ve ever owned.

And then there’s the massage.  Both the Basis and Prodigy adjustable bed models feature a massage unit designed to help you relax and unwind.  The Prodigy can even be set up to turn on the massage at a specific time, eliminating the need for noisy and jarring alarms.

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