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Finding the correct mattress is only the first step in finding a better, healthier sleep experience. Adjustable bases offer a number of health benefits that simply cannot be found on a mattress alone.  Let us help you find the adjustable base that’s right for you.

•  Helps to keep the airway open for better breathing

•  Helps to reduce snoring

•  Allows for a healthier curve of the spine while sleeping

•  Makes it easier to get in and out of bed

•  Allows for a more comfortable sleep position based on personal preferences

•  Has been proven to relieve pressure and tension across the body

•  Helps to alleviate acid reflux

•  Improves circulation across the body and increases blood flow to the muscles

•  Many adjustable bases offer a massage unit that helps to relax muscles and create a more comfortable sleep environment

•  Helps to relieve pain from things such as arthritis, back pain, swollen legs and feet, neck and shoulder tension, osteoarthritis, joint pain, and more

•  Improves circulation to help with heart-based issues

•  Helps with sleep apnea

No matter how you sleep, the Serta Motion Perfect Foundation can enhance your sleep experience. Whether you use it with a Serta iComfort mattress or any other adjustable mattress, it will help you find a more comfortable and supportive sleep.      

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The Ergo systems are designed to work in conjunction with the world-famous Tempur-Pedic mattresses. There are three different options designed to help you find your perfect comfort level no matter which mattress you choose.

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Adjustable bases by Anatomic Global are designed to adjust in more ways than other adjustable bases, including being able to lower the foot section further than any other base. It’s the perfect way to find your comfort zone.

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