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Eye On The Experts
Eye On The Experts, a program created by WBNS TV and The Columbus Dispatch, is designed to help consumers be better informed about purchases they may wish to make. The program provides an opportunity for consumers to ask specific questions about popular products and services. Experts then field the questions, giving the consumer the answers they need to make an informed decision and smart purchase.

MATTRESS MART was invited to participate in the program as the exclusive "Expert" in the field of Mattresses & Bedding. Following are some of the wonderful questions consumers have asked Mattress Mart regarding mattress design, springs units, buying tips, warranties and service after the sale.

Read on... the questions may be very similar to yours, and the answers may surprise you!

QUESTION #1: I'm shopping for a new mattress. What type of spring unit will give me the best comfort and support? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #2: I hear ads that say no-turn mattresses are just a "gimmick." But my friend sleeps on one, and LOVES it! (She says it's the "real deal.") What's the truth about no-turn mattresses? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #3: I recently visited a mattress store. I tried all of their models (about 20) but couldn't find the "feel" I was looking for. I know what I want. Why can't I find it? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #4: I'm shopping for a new mattress. I want to be a smart, informed buyer. How can I be sure I'm getting the best value? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #5: I often see stores advertise mattresses at incredibly low sale prices. But when I try to buy one of these mattresses, I'm given the run-around by the salesperson. Why do stores advertise these special-priced mattresses and then not sell them? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #6: I've heard wonderful things about memory foam. What is it and why is it so good in a mattress? (Click here for Answer.)

QUESTION #7: I'm ready for a good high-end mattress. Can you please give me a basic understanding of features (coil count, componants, price etc.) for which to look. (Click here for Answer.)

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