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QUESTION #3: I recently visited a mattress store. I tried all of their models (about 20) but couldn't find the "feel" I was looking for. I know what I want. Why can't I find it?

ANSWER: The answer is simple... "selection." Believe it or not, 20 models is not going to give you the variety of choice that you need to make a well-informed decision.

When you consider that there are eight major mattress catagories (inner spring, memory foam, no-turn, pillow top, box top, foam encased, latex core and adjustable air sleep systems) if a store only offers 20 models, that leaves less than 3 mattresses to pick from in any one catagory.

Or worse, if a store offers only 20 models, they may be omitting entire categories of mattresses!

Most major mattress stores offer, at least, 30 models. Mattress Mart offers more than 70 models! And every one of the 70-plus models Mattress Mart offers fits a specific niche, comfort need or budget criteria.

When you shop for a new mattress, make sure the store offers several models in all eight mattress categories. Don't limit your choice when it comes to a good night's sleep. Your health is too important.

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