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QUESTION #2: I hear ads that say no-turn mattresses are just a "gimmick." But my friend sleeps on a no-turn mattress, and LOVES it! (She says it's the "real deal.") What's the truth about no-turn mattresses?

ANSWER: Your friend is right! No-turn mattresses are definitely the real deal. No-turn technology is very specific and requires the most up-to-date knowledge and manufacturing ability. Only the most advanced factories have the ability to manufacture these high tech marvels.

No-turn mattress sales have exploded over the last few years for two reasons.

First, imagine never having to turn your mattress again! The concept is very appealing to anyone who has struggled with "flipping" a mattress every 3 months. And in some cases, as with the elderly and the infirmed, "flipping" a mattress is simply impossible.

Second, no-turn mattresses are built with the most advanced comfort technology. They simply feel great!

Mattress Mart offers the largest selection of no-turn mattresses in central Ohio. Sleep test one for 30 nights. You'll be amazed at how comfortable they are.

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