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QUESTION #1: I'm shopping for a new mattress. What type of spring unit will give me the best comfort and support?

ANSWER: The most important factor in a spring unit is "coil count." Coil count is simply the number of coils found in a spring unit.

Spring units with a higher coil count offer the best comfort and support. Your body weight is spread over more coils which means a more efficient weight distribution, better contouring and the elimination of pressure points. A high coil count also improves durability and uniformity while minimizing pocketing and depressions. A spring unit with a high coil count simply feels better.

Look for a coil count of 540 to 672 in a full size mattress. (The industry standard for measuring coil count is based on full size.)

All major mattress manufacturers, including King Koil, use high-tech, lightweight springs with high coil counts.

A thick, heavy spring is not better. In fact, heavy spring units with a coil count of 400, or less, should be avoided. These mattresses are generally low-priced economy models best suited for the occasionally used guest room.

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